“As Safety Director for the same company, Mindi and I worked side by side on difficult employee issues with great results for the company. Mindi is a great asset to any company she works for.”
Rob Watson, Safety Director, F&P Construction

“Mindi is a dedicated HR Pro that stays current with the latest legislative and technical aspects of the profession. I count on Mindi’s experience and knowledge when I need outside opinions to challenging business management issues. Intelligent, energetic, and confident are words that I would use to describe her personality.”
Nancy Hammers, HR Manager, Raleys

“Mindi was excellent to work with. She has high energy and passion for getting the job done and done right. What is enjoyable about Mindi is her enthusiasm, interest for whatever project she is involved with. Mindi was efficient and effective in all the services that she provided. It is without hesitation that I recommend her.  Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.”
Lara Ritchie-Bushman, Culinary Director, Nothing To It

“It is with pleasure that I provide a recommendation for Mindi Brenner. Mindi is an active Board Member of the Northern Nevada Human Resources Association. She is an individual who is always willing to roll up her sleeves and work on the many projects associated with leading a volunteer association.”
Cindy Davis, Director HR and Administration, Remsa

“I met Mindi through workshops and committees related to the Northern Nevada Human Resource Association. Mindi demonstrates a strong commitment to project work and focuses her energy on high quality outcomes. She is passionate about human resources and is open to sharing ideas about how to improve processes and create best practices. Mindi has strong organizational skills and another strength is in the area of critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. She has a solid understanding of HR knowledge and applications and is well suited to senior level positions in HR management.”
Connie Johnson, Managing Director, Talent Framework

“Mindi and I served on the Board of Directors for NNHRA. I have found her to be highly intelligent, resourceful and the consummate HR professional. She is compassionate in both employer/employee situations and is a problem solver.”
Marie C S Soucie, President, MCSS, LTD

“As a client Mindi has always displayed the utmost level of professionalism, and has been a pleasure to work with. She is more than capable in her position and I look forward to helping her in the future.”
Ben Cameron, Sales/Partner, Adprint

“I have had the pleasure to work with Mindi Brenner in several capacities. The first was as a supplier when she contacted Accountants Inc. to assist her in filling openings within her company’s accounting department. She was a pleasure for me to work with, and made my job appear easier than that of my colleagues! In addition, you could tell from talking with the candidates I placed with her company, that they had nothing but respect for her and the way she did business. Every “i” was dotted, and “t” crossed. 

Alternately, I have also seen Mindi in action with several networking/non-profit/community organizations. Typically, I saw her in a leadership role where she was not hesitant to fill in a gap when needed. For me, she was an inspiration on how to get more involved in the community and make connections that can benefit everyone. 

I wish her the best, and believe she will be an asset to any company!  Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.”
Karen Gach, Recruiter, Accounting and Finance Talent

“Mindi is exceedingly attentive to detail, and is definitely a team-player. She follows through on her commitments, and volunteers to help accomplish the goals of any project I’ve worked on with her. She would be an asset to any organization as a member or an employee or a leader.”
Rebecca Bruch, Esq., Partner, Erichson, Thorpe

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mindi Brenner on several projects through the Northern Nevada Human Resources Association. Mindi is always available to assist in any way she can.  She frequently volunteers without being asked.  Her leadership has made a tremendous impact on the NNHRA Board of Directors.  I am proud and honored that she will be the NNHRA President for 2010.  I highly recommend Mindi for any project or opportunity that may be available.”
Terea Finn, Director of Human Resources, Atlantis

“Mindi worked as the Human resources manager at United Construction.  Our years of service overlapped.  Mindi was very good at tracking down information, disseminating new information, following up with detailed answers to questions and tying up loose ends.  She was always helpful and had a great attitude.  I highly recommend her.”
John Woods, Division Manager, United Construction

“Mindi is a professional in the HR field held in high esteem by her peers in Northern Nevada Human Resources Association.. Mindi’s knowledge and expertise in her field provides positive experiences and outcomes for her clients and their employees.”
Lynda Murdock, Workforce Development, University of Phoenix

“It has been my pleasure to know and work with Mindi for several years now. I have found her to be an exceptional HR person with a vast knowledge of the subject and a dedication to any company she works with that is unmatched in my experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an expert in HR Matters.”
Mark Martens, Representative, Northern Nevada Jobs

“Mindi Brenner is an outstanding human resources professional and leader. Earlier this year, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) released research and a report that ranks business knowledge as the most important business skill senior HR leaders need to succeed. As a senior leader in the HR Profession, Mindi has consistently shown clients and colleagues that she understands the broad operations and processes that drive businesses. Moreover, Mindi has the unique ability to connect the role and value people to broader business plan and operations. Mindi brings nearly twenty years of leadership experience to her profession and uses her experience to provide practical strategic solutions to the organizations she serves. Often, Mindi is called upon to think critically about a problem that an employer faces and analyze it from a variety of perspectives. She then guides management through appropriate processes and procedures that decisively address the issues presented in a manner that invariably adds value to the company. Mindi is an effective communicator who is has demonstrated courage and candor when she has had to lead an organization through change. I have always been impressed with Mindi’s drive and determination for excellence. However, her strongest quality is that she is ethical and fair. Mindi has, without exception, demonstrated through her actions, decisions, and leadership to handle situations with the potential to result in violations to the organization’s ethics policies or even a violation in the law. I am proud to recommend Mindi Brenner to any company seeking a human resources professional to deliver leadership to their personnel department.”
Jason Guinasso, Managing Shareholder, The Law Office of Jason D. Guinasso, Ltd.

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