How HR Services Help

Your staff is your most valuable asset!

Our goal is to help you maintain solid, profitable relationships between management and staff.

Cost-Effective and Pro-Active HR

When you cannot budget for a full-time, designated Human Resources representative, Mindi Brenner Consulting, LLC steps in – virtually — to act as your HR Manager. We ensure that all your employment practices are legal and in compliance.

We believe that the most cost-effective method of avoiding expensive employment-related issues, compliance requirements and even lawsuits is the pro-active one – having a trained, professional HR Manager at work for you.

Up-to-Date on Legal Standards and Practices

We stay on top of changes in regulations and HR requirements because that’s our expertise. We keep you informed of changes, too, ensuring that all your HR practices are in compliance and legally recorded. We provide you with leadership and guidance in reviewing, updating and creating your Human Resources practices, and will assist you in recognizing any existing company policies and HR practices that could cause potential lawsuits.

Experienced HR Management

Mindi Brenner - HR ProfessionalMindi Brenner, founder of the company, has extensive experience working in HR departments. This first-hand experience helps us understand the challenges that HR departments face and the constraints under which they operate. Hiring someone who’s been ‘in the trenches’ ensures that you get well-grounded advice and proven processes to meet your needs.

Results-Oriented HR Strategies

We focus on organizational results. Human resource programs are only valuable insofar as they help your company or organization achieve its objectives and be successful. That principle is central to everything we do.

We customize our HR efforts to meet your needs. We listen carefully to make sure we understand your goals, and then we develop targeted solutions to help you reach them.

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