Top 6 Items Not To Be Kept in Personnel Files

Posted by on May 10, 2011 at 6:13 pm.

The last blog, I explained the three reasons why proper record keeping is required for all employers.  In addition to knowing what to keep in the Personnel Files, it is also important what not to keep in these Personnel Files.   Along with the Personnel File, an employer should keep a separate Medical/Benefit File and an I-9 File on each employee.  Whether you have two employees or 250 employees, this applies to you!

Top 6 Items Not To Be Kept in Personnel Files

Besides the Personnel file, an employer should keep the following information separate:

  1. Pre-employment drug test and/or physical results.
  2. Benefit enrollment or change forms.
  3. Information pertaining to leave of absences.
  4. Any other medical information with personally identifiable information about individual employees.
  5. Any Workers Compensation documents.
  6. I-9 forms and support documents (these need to be kept in a separate file or binder).


If you need assistance in reviewing your Personnel Files, please contact Mindi Brenner.

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