Top 10 Items to Keep in the Personnel File

Posted by on May 3, 2011 at 6:11 pm.

There are three reasons why proper record keeping is a requirement for employers.  First, it makes good business sense to have accurate information handy and organized.  The second reason is to have documentation on an employee’s work performance and work history.  The third reason is some employee records are required by federal or state governments to be kept somewhere.

Top 10 Items to Keep in the Personnel File

  1. Employment related documents such as the employee’s application, resume and prescreening application notes.
  2. Employment Offer letter.
  3. Employee Handbook acknowledgment form showing receipt of the handbook.
  4. Change in status such as transferring from one position or department to another; pay rate change; address and/or phone number change, etc.
  5. Vacation requests.
  6. Performance Evaluation form(s) and/or Performance improvement plan.
  7. Disciplinary action memos or notes to file.
  8. Training and development requests and history records.
  9. Employee Separation information such as exit interview form, final employee performance appraisal, reason for departure, etc.
  10. Copy of job description.

Next time, I will discuss what not to keep in the Personnel File.

If you need assistance in reviewing your Personnel Files, please contact Mindi Brenner.

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